Our Approach

We want to be the friend you can call on at any time to talk through a new map on your website, a report design, a documentary, or any other tool you need to share your work.

We’re really proud of our relationships with our clients and the range of tools we build for them. We’ve developed the skills and creativity our clients depend on while remaining a small enough team to feel like a family. We love working together and we know that makes our work even stronger.

Our work is inspired by a number of values that we share:


We serve a broad range of clients, from volunteer organizations to nonprofits and businesses with hundreds of employees. We established a sliding scale for our rates to ensure we can provide high quality tools for the smallest organizations.


We work hard to be available to our clients. We share many of our core skills, so if one of us is out, another can assist with urgent issues.


Our tech and design world is full of obscure language. We know that if our clients don’t understand the plan, they may not get what they want. We work closely with our clients to make sure the process is clear.


We formed a cooperative because we believe that equal ownership is good for each of us and good for our clients. Our employees are either owners or are on track to be owners, invested in delivering the best we can. We also set our compensation and benefits to be the same for all members. Simple and equal.


We avoid divisive language and campaigns, helping our clients broaden their message at every opportunity. That doesn’t mean we’ll support anything and everything, nor that we avoid issues of conflict. We work on issues we believe in.


Anything we build for our clients is theirs. We prioritize using open source code so that if they need to work with someone else down the road, they won’t be stuck with a tool that can’t be transferred. If we build them a website, we’ll train them to edit it so they feel comfortable making changes without us.


The environmental movement is interwoven with work for justice. We believe if people aren’t empowered within their own homes, jobs, and communities, they will struggle to prioritize environmental stewardship or defend against environmental exploitation. We practice justice within our cooperative through equal compensation and decision making power, as well as consideration of how our business impacts others. We also look for opportunities to further environmental justice through our work by supporting clients who work on food security, energy, poverty, community forestry, and other issues at the intersection between social justice and environmental sustainability.


We bring a passion and commitment to environmental issues to each project, which we combine with experience working across the environmental movement. We know that our success can only be judged by our clients’ success.


See how we apply our values to our work.