We can help you document and share your work through visual storytelling, from short videos and animations for social media to feature documentaries.

Over the past decade, digital video has revolutionized the production process and high definition, high production quality has never been more affordable for non-profits. But we prioritize content - understanding your issues and communicating what matters to you - over slick visuals. Our work has been shown in film festivals around the world and broadcast nationally on public television. Our videos have also been part of zoo exhibits, fundraising campaigns, and influenced public policy at the Vermont State House.

Why tell your story through video?

  • Social Media Likes Video. Social media platforms like Facebook elevate video content over other posts, so sharing video updates or short animations can help you reach and engage a wider audience.
  • The Power of Story. Even when facts are on your side, you need to tell a story that makes an emotional connection with potential supporters, and there is no more powerful medium than video for hearing the voices and seeing the actions that make an organization.
  • Living in a Multimedia World. We are increasingly immersed in multimedia content and videos can bring your website to life, whether they are for online learning, advocacy, and fundraising campaigns, or simply strengthening the relationship between you and your stakeholders.