Documenting a Green Building from Groundbreaking to Grand Opening

Kroon Hall reflects the best of green design. It is a high performance building with innovative technology to save energy and water. The building materials are sustainably sourced, including wood from a New England forest managed by the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. And it is also a beautiful building that fits into the Yale campus and creates important communal spaces for students and faculty both indoors and in the surrounding courtyards.

We were there to capture the build from day one, filming with architects and construction managers throughout the process, from a hole in ground to the rooftops. We also helped craft an integrated outreach strategy for building users and visitors to bring the sustainable features to life and ensure occupant behavior helped the building operate as efficiently as possible.

The results of this project include:

  • Regular multimedia updates during construction.
  • A short video profiling the building.
  • A brochure highlighting green features for occupants and visitors.
  • Content for an interactive kiosk streaming realtime building performance data.
Kroon Brochure
Kroon Brochure