Producing a Multimedia Online Learning Experience

Environmental education encompasses everything from nature preschools and science museums to environmental science courses in high school and college and even sustainability in the workplace. NAAEE commissioned us to produce a series online learning modules called eeLEARN for people who are new to the field. We designed these self-directed, multi-media experiences based on the latest ideas of online learning to integrate with NAAEE's professional development platform. Users who complete a learning module receive an automatically generated certificate and a badge indicating learning hours on their profile in eePRO.

The first module covers the definition and basic concepts of EE through a variety of media, including videos, animations, and audio clips:

We also brought to life a series of "Big Ideas" in environmental education through animated GIFs:

eeLEARN Lifelong Learning
eeLEARN Connecting to Nature
eeLEARN Informed by Science
eeLEARN Early Childhood
eeLEARN Diversity, Equity, Inclusion


The second module looks at the history of the field, including an interactive timeline, archival videos, and profile of one of the founders of the field.